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Paver laying patterns

Paver laying patternsThere are numerous laying patterns for pavers, and to the right are some of the most popular. Pavers can be laid many different ways and the use of contrasting colours can further enhance the design.  Pictured below are some of the more common and practical patterns.

Herringbone patterns are recommended for driveways and other areas used by vehicles for maximum strength. If running bond is used in wheeled traffic areas, the long side of the paver should be transverse to the direction of the traffic.

The chosen laying pattern will determine the way the pattern is gauge controlled. For example, in running bond the paver unit width controls the gauge in one direction while the unit length controls the gauge in the other direction.

Herringbone pattern can be laid to a gauge based on the unit width only, regardless of the aspect ratio;

Basketweave pattern is easiest to control when the unit length is twice the unit width plus the nominal joint width;

If a herringbone pattern is used, a square grid is necessary and the stringline spacing is taken as 8 times (average width + joint width);

Wherever there are parallel edge restraints, the distance between these should be dictated by a multiple of the paver widths plus joint widths