Paver Info

Calculating Paving Surface  Area

Estimate your entire paving surface area using the steps below. 
To calculate the square metres of paved area, break your area up into squares or rectangles and multiply the length by the width. Add up the total number of square metres. There are approximately 38 pavers per square metre, but this varies due to the number of cuts and the laying pattern chosen. You will also need to allow for wastage.

The quantity of pavers needed will depend on the area to be paved, and the paver chosen.

Work out the area to be paved in square metres.

Length(m) x width(m) = area(m²).

Sample Calculation

For those who calculate using feet and inches calculate the total area into square feet by using the same method as above and then multiply by .0929 to convert to square metres. When calculating pavers needed add an additional 5%. Allowing for complexity of the design, cuts and breaks.
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