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Blending Pavers on Site

Blending refers to the process of mixing the bricks or pavers to evenly distribute the product colours across the entire finished wall or pavement. This is an important step whether the products you have delivered are a single colour or are multi-coloured.
Our bricks and pavers are partially blended during the packing process in the factory. This is not sufficient to ensure a well blended job. Bricklayers and paving contractors must always blend or mix the product as it is being laid.

Blending instructions are on the side of most packs. These instructions recommend:
  1. Work from at least three open packs.
  2. Select the top brick or paver from the left of each pack.
  3. Work progressively from a corner across and down each pack in a diagonal pattern. Don’t unpack the bricks or pavers in horizontal layers.
Be sure to inspect the product before laying. Product liability transfers to the purchaser once the units are installed.

Helpful Tips for Blending Pavers on Site

When placing the order try and make sure you have enough for the whole job. Avoid part orders or adding to the order in bits and pieces.
Where possible have the whole job delivered at the same time. Our driver will try to place the product around the site to suit your needs.
If you have under-ordered, leave plenty of product unlaid so you can blend it with the new delivery.
We specialise in helping builders produce their projects on time and on budget, and are all ways more than willing to do everything we can to be as helpful and facilitating as possible.
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