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Paving for residential, commercial & industrial outdoor surfaces

  • Excavation
  • Clearing of unwanted materials
  • Preparation of area – drainage etc.
  • Installation of road base/sub base
  • Installation of pavers on necessary bedding – sand or cement
  • Installation of necessary joints, e.g. contraction joints, key joints etc.
  • Joining of pavers
  • Cleaning
  • Guaranteed after sales service and maintenance

Paving provides a safe level surface for your and your guests, and of course means dust and dirt are not walked into your home.

Stone paving is durable. Unlike wood decks, which need to be re-stained, and rebuilt, stone paving is durable and built to last.

The main difference between a concrete slab and paving is that paving is made up of many individual pieces as opposed to one poured slab. This allows for contraction and expansion meaning less surface cracks. Also, if you need access for any reason, a small area can be lifted and replaced.

Colours are selected to contrast and compliment the environment. We take into account the color of your house, fencing and yard. The recommended size and shape depends on the style of your home. Larger pavers can make a small space look bigger.

If your paving is cost sensitive, smaller pavers are generally cheaper per square meter. Over larger areas like driveways this can be a significant saving.

If you want long lasting, robust paving is best to have a professional paving contractor to setup the correct foundations for paving by designing and laying the correct base for the conditions. This will ensure the pavers are secure and well drained and will not move over time which could result in possible cracking.

Pacific Brick Paving are experts with many years of experience in paving services and will assist with all your structural and design needs. We provide a no-obligation free quote with our site inspection.