Paver Ranges

PGH Wirecut Pavers

A rugged surface texture with excellent slip resistance that make them suitable for vehicular traffic.
Formed from all natural Australian clay, sand and shale, PGH™ pavers are fired to produce long lasting colour, strength and beauty. They’re one of the most practical and attractive options for outdoor areas. With their durable surface, PGH™ pavers are right at home in courtyards, alfresco
living and entertaining areas, patios, paths and driveways. 

Available in a range of stunning colours and rustic, traditional or contemporary textures, you are sure to find the ideal PGH™ pavers for your outdoor space. Nothing will bring your home to life like PGH™ pavers.
Dramatic Reds
There’s nothing like Dramatic Reds to warm your soul. Deep and exotic, energetic and confident, choose reds to create a dramatic, welcoming home.
Rustic Browns
Rustic Browns are earthy and inviting. They provide creations that reflect the colour of earth and nature.
rich creams
Rich Creams
Inherently chic, uniting comfort with style and with shades that range from ivory to vanilla and nougat to porcelain. Rich Creams are the new white and create homes of natural elegance.
silver greys
Silver Greys
A versatile collection that gives new meaning to sophistication. Choose Silver Greys for a home of innovation and distinction that is dignified, deliberate, powerful and disciplined.
new naturals
New Naturals
Neutral brick colours with strong environmental overtone. Choose New Naturals to build a home in harmony with the world around you.
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