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Water needed by trees for nourishment usually becomes runoff that requires an engineered and often costly solution to control, collect and treat. Usually this involves a stormwater control system channelling any stormwater runoff through a system of open drains and stormwater pipes to reduce flooding, surface ponding and erosion, followed by treatment for pollutants and eventual discharge.

The Hydrapave™ system allows water to infiltrate through 4mm deep vertical channels at each end of the 80mm thick concrete Hydrapave™ pavers and into a prepared 50mm bedding course, where pollutants are filter treated naturally. The water is then dispersed into the sub base through a series of graded gravel layers, penetrating to the trees’ root systems through the pavement and via the specially prepared ‘structural soils’ beneath, to a final layer comprising a 50/50 mix of topsoil and 50mm diameter multi-faceted basaltic rock – used as a growing medium for new trees. Any excess water is drained away through an agricultural drain into the stormwater system by means of an agricultural drainage system.

  • Car Parks
  • Streetscapes
  • Industrial Roadways
  • Public areas
  • Surface run off control
  • Roadside Parking
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Storm water retention
  • Colour Range: made to order
  • 80mm Thick
  • Permeable Paving System
  • Concrete Paver
  • Small Format
  • Rectangular familiar shape
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Permeable paving has been recognised in recent years as an alternative approach to dealing with stormwater runoff and pollution control. The Hydrapave system is being used in pedestrian and light trafficked areas, including housing estates, shopping centres, car parks, driveway applications and council zones.

For more details see the Boral Hydrapave website.