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Granite Pavers

Granite has been widely used in both the construction and beautification process since the beginning of time. It has long been recognised throughout the world as one of the hardest wearing and most aesthetically pleasing materials for use in both the commercial and residential market.

The main usage of granite for paving is driveways and footpath construction, however it can also be used for wall capping, pool capping, pond capping, stair treads wall cladding and much, much more.

When laid and sealed correctly your granite paving will be resistant to staining, wear and colour change.


  • Poolside areas
  • Decorative areas
  • Streetscapes
  • Public areas
  • Surface run off control
  • Tree Surrounds
  • Wall /Pool / Pond capping
  • Honey Jasper
  • Sesame Grey
  • Sesame White
  • Raven Black
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