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Got questions? We have the answers for you below. If you have other concerns, please call.
How do I decide which type of paving to use?
There are many different surface finishes and colours that are available today from various manufacturers. The first step is to decide which size of pavers you like, namely large to medium format, or brick size (i.e. large and square or smaller and rectangular). Next, look to the colours available to you from a particular paver range, and decide which colour(s) complement your project best. Contact us and have an estimator provide a written quotation to lay a specified type of paving to your project.
Is paving the same as concreting or stencil-crete?
No, stenciled concrete involves pouring concrete in a slab form and either stamping a pattern into the concrete, or spraying a pattern onto cured concrete. Paving comes in many different shapes and sizes. They are pre-cast, individual segments of uniform shape and size, and are laid one at a time in various patterns to suit the project needs or clients desires.
Why is paving a better option than concrete?
The choices of colours, textures, and formats make paving extremely versatile compared to all other hard surfaces. No concrete design can ever replicate the natural and unique look that comes with paving. Colours can be interchanged as well as sizes giving you the ability to do what ever your imagination desires.
How long will my paving last?
A quality paving job should last a lifetime. Pavers can be removed and replaced individually, should one or more crack, discolour or subside. You may need to access services underground, in which case access can usually be achieved without the need for machinery, saving you money.
Will I need to get my new pavers sealed?
Some manufacturers advise that their products are sealed once installed to increase their resistance to staining and marking. It is also dependent upon the application (ie driveway, oil stains, tyre marks, damp leaves) whether sealing is necessary. We always seek the professional advice of a qualified trade sealant company and suggest all customers do the same for such a specialized area.
We specialise in helping builders produce their projects on time and on budget, and are all ways more than willing to do everything we can to be as helpful and facilitating as possible.
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